Best Travel Apps to Make Your Trips Hassle Free

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Are you a frequent traveler? Have you been traveling a lot for many years now? If your answers to these questions are affirmative, you know that traveling has changed a lot these days. Yes, thanks to the technology. We should thank the web and the smart phones that have changed our lives a lot.

Nowadays, smart phones are making a revolution in our lives. Thanks to the smart phone applications and the app developers. Some of the best travel apps are helping travel enthusiasts from around the world. Irrespective of the place of your visit, you can get the best help from these applications.

best travel apps

Irrespective of whether you look for the best travel apps Android or the best iPhone travel apps 2017, Google Store and iTunes will help you find one. Are you ready to pay for the app or whether you want the best trip apps to be available free for you?

In both cases, you can make the best choice based on your travel needs. Let us explore some of the best travel apps that can make your trip the most enjoyable and hassle-free this time around:

  1. Do you wish to get help for international calling? Rebtel can help:

It is true that Whatsapp and Skype have always been the most used tools to make international calls. But, these services as you know need Wi-Fi access.

Do you wish to call international destinations without web access? Then, you should choose Rebtel App. The founders of Rebtel App have made international calling not just cheap, but also simple and dependable. Also, this app will do this to you understanding your unique calling behavior.

With this app, you can use any type of phone for calling any type of phone. The reason is that the founders of this app have optimized your international calling. They have done this through local phone lines, thereby saving you money.

Further, you will experience excellent call quality. Everything can be done without web access, which is a thing to feel relieved. This is a free app available both for iOS and Android users.

  1. What to do when you are caught in traffic in an international destination? Use Waze:

Getting caught in traffic is highly frustrating when you are in your hometown. When it happens during your trip, it can be even more frustrating. But, you need not feel frustrated anymore. Thanks to the Waze app.

This app is the largest community-based traffic application in the world and it is also a navigation application. You can just associate with other drivers in your area. They will share instantaneous details with you about road information and traffic.

This app is the most favorite app for taxi drivers, who are well-aware of the ways to avoid traffic. This GPS navigation application provides the most up-to-date traffic update. It functions in a similar way like Google Maps.

This is why Google bought this app a few years ago. The drivers can easily share information about accidents and traffic updates. When you travel in an unfamiliar city without any knowledge about traffic hotspots, this app will turn out to be your best companion. This is yet another free app for Android and iOS users.

  1. Do you wish to have the best travel itineraries? Choose Google Trips:

If you are a kind of person, who prepares yourself for each of your trip with a Manila folder, you can now use Google Trips as such a folder. But, the excellent relieving thing is that you need not have to deal with those huge paper printouts.

Google Trips

Yes, Google Trips app will provide a single place for all your travel information right from paper printouts to your Google Mail. The app will organize all these data to provide you easy access as and when needed.

In addition, the app will offer you suggestions on things to do or see. The most important attraction about this app is that it works without web access. This means that when you are in an airport you need not have to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect yourself to the web to see your travel plans. It is not that you can get this free app only on Google store; it is available for iOS users as well.

  1. Do you look for ways to keep your internet connection secure wherever you go? Choose Tunnel Bear:

Do you wish to stream things like iPlayer? Are you concerned about the safety of your Internet connection when you are on a trip? Then, you should use Tunnel Bear. This app will be worthy if you connect your phone to a lot of wi-fi hotspots randomly.

Tunnel Bear

In general, in such instances, you should use a VPN, which will hide your IP address and your location. Here, TunnelBear is an excellent app to keep you secure. It is a popular app because of its easiness to use.

If you do not use much data, you can go for the free version of this app. Otherwise, you can go for the premium version. It is available both for iOS and Android.

  1. Do you wish to make your flight-bookings hassle-free? Then you should use Hopper:

Of course, you will come across different flight-booking applications. But, what makes Hopper special than the others? In addition to letting you book flights through your phone, the app will also tell you when to book.


The app will also guide you how to get the best price for your flight bookings and how to save big? Once you get to the page to book a flight, the app will tell you whether this is the right time to book or you should wait.

If the app suggests you to wait, it will send you a notification once the price drops. This app does this because of the archive of trillions of flight prices. So, the makers assure 95% accuracy.


So, these best travel apps can make your trip easier every time. They will also make your time at a foreign land hassle free.

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