Bicycle Tours Ireland: 7 Top Tips for the Perfect Trip

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For bicycle tours Ireland is perhaps a perfect destination, since it’s got something for everyone – from sedate family cycling to serious mountain cycling and even its fair share of off-road routes.

As with any vacation, though, you’ll get the most out of your bicycle tour of Ireland if you come prepared.

I’ve been living here for over three years now and this is where I discovered my real passion for cycling. We live in County Cork, the least populated county, (that’s where we begin our Summer tours before heading North into Kerry and the splendor of Macgillycuddy’s Reeks). The hills, narrow lanes and truly breathtaking scenery make it ideal for the serious cyclist who wants the challenge of the climbs without having to go off-road.




Here are a few simple tips to make your time here as pleasurable as possible.

1. Prepare for the weather! There’s a reason Ireland is called the Emerald Isle… and there’s a reason it’s so green! In short, we don’t lack for rain. And it can start pouring down from a hitherto gorgeous blue sky within minutes. So you’ll need wet-weather gear, for sure. Also, the wind, especially on the South and West coasts. Fortunately it doesn’t often get too cold, even in the winter, so a simple fleece under your waterproof shell should be sufficient.

2. Prepare for the roads. Wearing a cycling helmet just makes good sense at any time, but for bicycle tours Ireland offers its own unique dangers. The roads are none too good, especially in Cork and Kerry. The smaller lanes, of which there are millions, offer some awesome views and fantastic cycling conditions, but taking a spill is probably more likely than the places you’re used to.


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