Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014

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Brazil country celebrated winning the host nation for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and all the advertising and tourism that it will fetch. In 2014 influence will put Brazil in many people’s minds for many years to come. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in North East Brazil have been named as two of the host cities for the FIFAWorld Cup 2014 and so bringing an extensive prompting to those areas and beyond.


Argentina vs Brazil Lionel Messi scores hat trick
Argentina vs Brazil Lionel Messi scores hat trick

Brazil is the most urban and most powerful country in South America, with a population close to 200 million people. It is the world’s 5th largest country, both by geographic area and by population. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Bouzios are a few of the preferable known main cities and in each of them a trademark new multi billion Rand stadium has been built in particular for the FIFA 2014. The Brazil is a football mad country and coordinators are billing this 2014 World Cup as the most stimulant champion ship of all. Massive viewer parks have been constructed and each and every town is going to be a hive of movement and activity.

For those that are not capable to put in an appear every game, there is a profusion of activities for tourists of every influence to enjoy. There is asport park, within a slight drive of every city, where tourists can enjoy viewing the great five and a profusion of Brazil wildlife.

The Brazil National Football Team is called “Power of Brazil”, which means “The Brazil” and they are characterized by their classic yellow-green and blue kit. The host team will be playing with all their hearts and the hearts of all Brazilians when they take on the 2014 Fifa match, in June this year.

Maracan stadium Rio De Janeiro
Maracan stadium Rio De Janeiro


The President of FIFA has expressed his full confidence in every preparation for the FIFA tournament, and has recurrently said that 2014 will be the greatest World Cupever. After successfully hosting the confederation World Cups and other major events, the Brazil nation arrangement is tried and tested.

Hotels and hospitality places have been revamping and construction changes conform to FIFA’s stiff standards for permitted vendors. The Brazil administration hasdeclared the entire 2014 FIFA champion ship  to be a School and collage Holiday, for resources such as buses and educational places to be used to host tourists.

Brazilian fans could not hide from view their pleasure after their 3-0 win over Spain to win the FIFA Confederation Cup 2013.  Watching the match on one of the many big televisions around the city, thousands of revelers in Maracana Stadium threw confetti and celebrated into the confederation final night. The Brazilians dominated the final at the newly renovated Rio de Janeiro, which hosted 75,000 fans.



FIFA World Cup 2014 Stadiums


Rio de Janeiro

Maracanã (78,838 seats)

Group F – F1 v F2
Group B – B1 v B3
Group H – H1 v H3
Group E – E2 v E3
Round of 16 – 1C v 2D
Quarter-final – W53 v W54
Final – W61 v W62


São Paulo

Arena de Itaquera (65,000 seats)

Group A – Brazil v A2 (opening match)
Group D – D1 v D3
Group B – B2 v B3
Group H – H1 v H4
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E
Semi-final – W59 v W60


Belo Horizonte

Mineirão (64,000 seats)

Group C – C1 v C2
Group H – H1 v H2
Group F – F1 v F3
Group D – D2 v D3
Round of 16 – 1A v 2B
Semi-final – W57 v W58



Estádio Nacional de Brasilia (71,412 seats)

Group E – E1 v E2
Group C – C1 v C3
Group A – Brazil v A4
Group G – G2 v G3
Round of 16 – 1E v 2F
Quarter-final – W55 v W56
Third place – L61 v L62



Arena Castelão (63,903 seats)

Group D – D1 v D2
Group A – Brazil v A3
Group G – G1 v G3
Group C – C2 v C3
Round of 16 – 1B v 2A
Quarter-final – W49 v W50



Arena Fonte Nova (53,700 seats)

Group B – B1 v B2
Group G – G1 v G2
Group E – E1 v E3
Group F – F2 v F3
Round of 16 – 1H v 2G
Quarter-final – W51 v W52


Porto Alegre

Estádio José Pinheiro Borda (Beira-Rio – 52,000 seats)

Group E – E3 v E4
Group B – B2 v B4
Group H – H2 v H4
Group F – F1 v F4
Round of 16 – 1G v 2H



Itaipava Arena Pernambuco (46,000 seats)

Group C – C3 v C4
Group D – D2 v D4
Group A – A2 v A3
Group G – G1 v G4
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E



Arena da Amazônia (44,000 seats)

Group D – D3 v D4
Group A – A2 v A4
Group G – G2 v G4
Group E – E1 v E4



Arena Pantanal (43,000 seats)

Group B – B3 v B4
Group H – H3 v H4
Group F – F2 v F4
Group C – C1 v C4



Arena das Dunas (43,000 seats)

Group A – A3 v A4
Group G – G3 v G4
Group C – C2 v C4
Group D – D1 v D4



Arena da Baixada (41,000 seats)

Group F – F3 v F4
Group E – E2 v E4
Group B – B1 v B4
Group H – H2 v H3





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