Belo Horizonte

Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014

Brazil country celebrated winning the host nation for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and all the advertising and tourism that it will fetch. In 2014 influence will put Brazil in many people’s minds for many years to come. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in North East Brazil have been named as two of the host cities for the FIFAWorld Cup 2014 and so bringing an extensive prompting to those areas and beyond.

Discover Belo Horizonte City in Brazil

Belo Horizonte (‘beautiful horizon’ in Portuguese) is Brazil’s third largest metropolitan area. However, unlike most South American cities, Belo Horizonte city does not focus primarily on tourism and attracting tourists, which makes it a relatively peaceful and quiet city that is neither overcrowded nor too noisy. Belo Horizonte city benefits from excellent climate, as a result of its elevation and the surrounding mountains.