California best beaches

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California has of the most popular beaches and a staggering variety of landscapes. The Southern California beaches are tropical, hot and sandy. Northern California beaches, on the other hand, are windy, rocky and dotted.

The country central coast is considered one of the wonders of the world. In the central coast of California, you will find the attractive Big Sur with its unique charm, the pure white sand of Camel and the elegance of Hearst Castle. This is really the ideal place for pampering, camping, a place for wine and the wildlife. It also has Monterey Bay by the south of California, through Santa Barbara and Ventura.


California beaches
California beaches

If you are looking for fun in the sun, Southern California beaches are the best. It is good for surfing, kayaking, sailing, camping, hiking, whale watching and fishing.

You can also enjoy playing volleyball or visit an aquarium. Southern California is also near several malls, amusement parks, resorts and romantic inns.

Below are some of the well loved California beaches.

The Black Sands Beach is located at Shelter Cove. It is an isolated beauty in Humboldt. It is connected with King Range hiking path, 25 miles long. It is definitely an excellent site for watching the sunset and for whale watching.

Big River Beach is south of Mendocino. It has a windy and cold weather throughout the year. Big River Beach also has an overwhelming beauty and stunning view. Bring a blanket or a sweatshirt if plan to stay long in the beach.

Besides hitting the beach, Big River Beach is also good for a trail hike. The adventurous and outdoor lovers will surely want to try this out. There are signs available along the way to ensure a safe hike all the time. Enjoy the view of the rivers and lakes as you hike.

Baker Beach is an ironic Bay Area with up close views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is where the first Burning Man Festival was held. Not many people know but Baker Beach is actually the national beach of San Francisco, California.

Baker Beach is a nude beach so it is very normal to see people walking around nude along the beachside. This beach used to be a part of a military base before the reins were transferred to the National Park Service.

Stinson Beach is a typical seaside town with an unbeatable area of Oceanside sand. Dog lovers enjoy this beach because half of it is actually open to canines. This beach is very rich in history. Its existence started in the 1900s long before the Golden Gate bridge was erected.

The beautiful Laguna Beach OC is a lovely and lively oasis for bikini clads, surfers, volleyball lovers and dog walkers. It is also near one of the most colorful city in California.

San Diego’s La Jolla Cove Beach is popular for swimmers, scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. It is only one minute away from the chi chi community of La Jolla, boasting of several top restaurants and intriguing boutiques.

Venice Beach is popular for street entertainers. But it has grown popular initially because of the frequent site of body builders lifting weights at the beach. Recently, this beach is also visited by surfers because of the good waves in the ocean.



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