The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

  • January 5, 2015
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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is located in Las Vegas Boulevard in South Las Vegas. You can choose from a large variety of guest rooms and suites at this 4 diamond award winning hotel. The MGM’s Stay Well rooms have an impressive range of luxurious amenities and facilities that include wake up light therapy, EMF protection, air purification, hypoallergenic bedding, Vitamin C shower infusion and much more. Many of the rooms offer exquisite views of Las Vegas in the evening.


Fun on the Las Vegas strip

  • September 18, 2014
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When you land at the Las Vegas airport, you’ll know you’ve arrived. There’s no mistaking this town for any other on the planet. The glamour starts at your gate. But it’s a mere taste of what’s in store. Because if everything you know about Vegas comes from a vacation you took years ago or a movie you once saw, you’re in for a surprise.


Visiting Hoover Dam while you are in Las Vegas

  • February 4, 2014
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Exploring Hoover Dam And The New Bypass Bridge Hoover Dam is a true American icon. Rising 700 feet, the dam has been holding back the powerful Colorado River for more than 75 years. For Las Vegas visitors, it’s a cinch to visit this historic landmark. Tours options include bus, helicopter, and airplane. And each is guaranteed to deliver you an experience you’ll never forget.

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