Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Only a few miles from Las Vegas lies Nevada’s oldest and, according to this author, one of its prettiest State Parks. Valley of Fire offers fantastic scenery for photographers, pleasant hikes outside the scorching summer months, and petroglyphs for the historian in you.

Top five Las Vegas eats

Sampling picks for best restaurants in Las Vegas. Everything in Las Vegas is larger than life. The hotels and resorts rank among the best in the world. The lavish casinos attract the highest high-rollers this side of Macau. The shows are spectacular. And the food—let’s just say the food is among the best in the West.

5 Must Do Things In Las Vegas

So you get to Las Vegas. You have all this pent up energy you’re ready to release. It seems like there are a million activities to do. Stimuli are grabbing your attention left and right. But, most of the time, you leave Vegas feeling like you could have done more. Make the most of your time (and that pent up energy) with these.

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is located in Las Vegas Boulevard in South Las Vegas. You can choose from a large variety of guest rooms and suites at this 4 diamond award winning hotel. The MGM’s Stay Well rooms have an impressive range of luxurious amenities and facilities that include wake up light therapy, EMF protection, air purification, hypoallergenic bedding, Vitamin C shower infusion and much more. Many of the rooms offer exquisite views of Las Vegas in the evening.