eTravelTrips is Hiring a Facebook Director

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Do you enjoy Facebook? Do you use it on a daily basis? If you are reading this article, you likely are also interested in eTravelTrips, and Travel. If you fit into these categories, we have a position that just might suit your fancy.

We are looking for someone to direct our Facebook page. We need someone who can go into Facebook every day, or almost every day, and interact with our readers, and make the page exciting, to draw additional traffic.

What would the job entail?




Well, our articles are already posted to the Facebook page as they come out, so that would not be a concern. We would be looking for comments on articles to begin discussion, discussion questions, polls, that sort of thing, Anything you can think of that would increase our Facebook visitors is fair game. There is no advertising money, so promotion in that regard isn’t an option.

This is NOT a blogging position. It is a position working with our Facebook page as an administrator exclusively. It also is strictly volunteer, unpaid. What it DOES do is serve as a resume builder for anyone interested in a job in any media company. Even if you aren’t, volunteer work never hurts anyone’s resume. We serve thousands of  Travelers daily , and this is a great chance to interact with them.

How do you apply?

Send an email to [email protected], and tell me, in your own words, how you would go about increasing our Facebook fan base. Take a look at the page, and come up with some thoughts. What types of posts would you make? What sorts of topics? Be creative and send it to me in an email.

I will choose a candidate from emails received by Thursday, October 31 , AT 8 PM ET.


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