Exploring The Rain Forest Of Amazon When Visiting Bolivia And Ecuador

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Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Rain Forest Of Amazon When Visiting Bolivia And Ecuador

One of the benefits of visiting the Amazon in both Bolivia and Ecuador is that it can cost you significantly less than something similar in Peru or Brazil.


The departure point in Bolivia is Rurrenabaque which can be reached from La Paz either by flying or taking a bus for 20 hours. Obviously you save money in bus journey but be ready to compromise on your comfort when using this option.


Yasuni National Park
Yasuni National Park

Once you arrive at the destination prefer to stay in Pampas that is a wetland located right over the fringes of Amazon or there is another great option of going straight inside the jungles of Amazon. The pampas can be an alternative worth exploring as you will spend less money but still be able to see abundant wildlife including monkeys, capybaras, anacondas, turtles, alligators, pink dolphins as well as many types of birds. Since the vegetation is not dense as it’s in the jungle, you can see the wildlife with less effort.

To get to a lodge in Pampas you have to come via jeep from Rurrenbaque (takes three hours) and take the water route using a motorized canoe that will reach Pampas after having a 3 hour water journey. The tours offered are more or less the same but you will need to check into what the lodging facility is like. Some places are better than others and you may want to pay a bit extra for a private room or cottage.

Although you may view less wild animals going into the actual jungle, the experience will be worth the effort to have the feel of really being in the middle of it with fewer tourists. There are quite a few eco-lodges where you can enjoy being in the middle of the rainforest and discover more about the wildlife as well as particular medicinal herbs. Various activities like fishing adventures, jungle tours, boat trips etc can be planned during the stay in a lodge.


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