Festivals from around the world

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Choosing to spend your vacation in a foreign city during a festival could be the best idea you’ve ever had, because it guarantees entertainment. You don’t have to talk to the travelling agency about tours and trips, because a festival will keep you busy for your entire stay. So let’s have a look at some of the best annual festivals in different parts of the world.



Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival

The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is a real fairy tale, a baffling celebration, with masked balls, fireworks and parties that suggest mystery and magic. It takes place during the ten days before Lent and attracts tourists from all over the world.

During this famous carnival, Venice puts on its best garments and its streets become a huge stage for parades, shows, concerts and outdoor theater shows. Peoplefrom all over the world come to discover this magic carnival in a floating city,where time feels like it stopped in the eighteenth century.

The Carnival of Venice is a very popular blend of tradition, entertainment, history and good mood. The huge party includes the entire city of Venice and itmimics the atmosphere of the eighteenth century, making this event mandatory to attend at least once within a lifetime. The carnival has ancient origins. During antiquity it welcomed spring and gave people the illusion that they were all equal, as they were all disguised behind masks.


Carnival of Venice
Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Sicily

The most popular Carnival of Sicily, theAcireale Carnival, enjoys a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, within which attendees celebrate the history of the island.

It has its roots in the ancient Roman festivals of Saturn, during which people organized feasts with music and fine drinks, praying to the gods for a prosperous future and an abundant harvest. Romans painted their faces in bright colors, danced, sang, and celebrated their wellbeing. Beautiful allegorical carriages were introduced in Sicily much later, around the 1880s. Thehuge crafted masks worn during the festival are seen as satirical against the personalities of the day(politicians, actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrities). In time, master artisans have come to compete in the annual competition for the most beautiful float, making the festival a true spectacle of color, light, scenery and imagination.


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