London Bridges

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Arranging an excursion to the city of London  you’re in for a treat. Here’s a  rundown of top bridges in London. London has an amazing bunch of bridges that you’ll need to cross. A large number of them have exceptionally interesting design and architecture.



London bridge at night
London bridge at night

1. London Bridge

London Bridge had some incarnations in the course of the last 2 thousand years. The foremost London Bridge was inherent 50 AD, by Roman pioneers. The following incarnation was a stone bridge implicit 1209, which took 33 years to finish. By the 18th century, the 600 year old bridge required to be reinstated. By 1831, the new bridge was completed and the old one was devastated. The most recent London Bridge was constructed in 1973.

The current incarnation of London Bridge is 882 feet long. Standing on London Bridge, you’ll have a great perspective of Tower Bridge. It unites the Monument locale in London to Southwark.

2. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge unites Tower Hamlet with Southwark. Tower Bridge development started in 1886 and completed in 1894. Don’t get Tower Bridge befuddled with London Bridge, which nearly all London guests do. It’s unmistakable as the only bridge with two towers. The lower bridge is for vehicles and the upper bridge is for foot activity. Its status as a national landmark matches that of Big Ben.

Tower Bridge is an absolute necessity see for any London traveler. The bridge is 801 feet long and might as well take in the vicinity of 10 minutes to stroll over. The vehicle bridge could be raised utilizing a Victorian time steam motor, permitting water vehicles to pass by underneath. It’s free to cross, yet passage to the motor room costs a small fee.


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