Oregon Tourist Attractions

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There are varied Oregon tourist attractions; the most popular vacation destinations here are Mt. Hood, Greater Portland and the Oregon Coast. You can just spend your entire day in such lovely places. It is said that Oregonians are adventurous, inquisitive and wild in nature, you can explore the place all on your own, it has so much to offer for people who love food and adventure.


Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland

You can have a great meal, enjoying the powdery sloppy mountains, town lighthouse views and salmon running over the place. While you are this lovely place, we advise you to become one like Oregonians enjoying good sense of humor and love for adventure.

There are some of the best things you can do here while on a vacation here as the place has some greater things to offer. The famous and most visited Oregon tourist attractions includes Oregon’s regions of Eugene, Bend, Grants, Klamth Falls, Pendleton, Portland, Salem, Sunriver, Medford, Pass, Sunriver and much of other places. The most popular list of things to do and visit are Oregon Zoo, Crater Lake National Park and Train mountain railroad museum.

Abacela – Abacela is a famous winery and vineyards where you can enjoy the taste of different and finest wineries of the world. The place is located at sunny south sloping rocky hills that grows fruits like Syrah, Malbec, Grenache, Merlot, Tempranillo and other varieties in unique microclimate. The fruits are handpicked that are of finest quality and optimally ripen, they are gently fermented and processed in gravity flow that preserves the quality. The main objective is to produce the finest quality wines that give the pleasure of a grape variety and its terroir.

Crater Lake National Park – The National Park is famous for its intense blue color giving greater view, visitor visits during the place especially during summers – you can take a walk around the Rim Drive lake. Here you can enjoy your time in the boat tours, camping at Mazama village, visiting and staying at the historic Crater lake Lodge and enjoy the hiking adventures.

John Day Fossil beds national Monument – It is a world renowned site famous for heavily eroded volcanic deposits that gives the beauty to the place across the scenic river basin with well preserved fossil records of plants and animals. The records of these animals dates back to more than 40 years of the total 65 million years of the Cenozoic Era. Cenozoic Era is termed as the age of mammals and Flowering plants. The monument is spread over 14,000 acre park that is divided in three wide units including the Clarno unit, painted hills unit and the sheep rock unit. The headquarters of the monument are located at Cant Ranch visitor center.

King of the Rogue Outfitters – the Rogue outfitters provides you with the highest and finest experiences of the southern Oregon and Northern California. You can enjoy the activities of mild whitewater rafting and also enjoying the fishing trips of Salmo, smallmouth bass and steeelhead.

Oregon Zoo – Oregon zoo is one of the most popular Oregon tourist attractions that takes you down the trip enjoying the animals in all its natural habitat looking over the birds, monkeys and crocodiles. The Savanna takes you down to the journey to visit zebras, giraffes and rhinos graze.

Fort Rock Homestead Museum – It was one of the last regions of the continental USA that is open for homesteading. It possesses the collections of original buildings that starts from the early 1990s that are arranged in the village setting. The place includes land office, church, homes, schools and log cabins, they are all furnished with tools and sundry objects used in olden era.



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