Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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Playa del Carmen in Mexico may be a bed of inland deserts with a drainage basin, but it is more to people who want to take a vacation and have a good time. It is located at the lower section of an inland desert drainage basin, which sometimes fills with alkaline and briny salts that wash down by the rain water from the surrounding highlands.


Playa del Carmen Mexico
Playa del Carmen Mexico

You can visit Playa del Carmen by shopping online for affordable vacation packages. The locals call this area Playa because it is a beach side city, which is located on the Caribbean Sea coastlines.

If you are planning to fly to Playa del Carmen, you will need to fly to Cancun Airport and then transfer to Playa del Carmen from there. Usually, it only takes around 1 hour to travel via car. Playa stretches from the seashores to the main highway and to one of the main attractions, which is the tourist zone.


playa del carmen Mexico

The tourist zone is along the Caribbean shoreline. Tourist buses take travelers from Playa to Benito Juarez Avenue and then to the downtown area on Fifth Avenue. Through this area, you can take a ferry from the docks on to Cozumel located near the bus transport.


Fifth Avenue is where you will find Quinto Avenida. Quinto is the main street that lies parallel to the ocean shores. From the water, it is around 500 meters. Between 5th Avenue and the water there are Bed and Breakfast places, Hotels, Rentals, Inns, restaurants and timeshares. In Playa, they call this area the “Pedestrian Walkway.”


Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen downtown
Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen downtown


Stores along the avenue sell souvenirs and other interesting items. You will find plenty of lodging and dining facilities here. Clothing stores along 5th Avenue sell the most popular line of clothing ranging from Cuban Cigars to European designer clothes. Rum stores and other hot spots are available here too.

The area is brilliantly vibrant, since here is where carnivals take place. Live lions, giant boa constrictors and fire eaters entertain visitors and there is a group of characters called cavalcades that parade down the Avenue.

There are plenty of nightclubs and bars along the beach. Because these party zones can get very noisy, they are located well away from the main resorts and hotels. Dive shops, hotels, convenience stores, currency exchange, tour operators, internet cafés and plenty of restaurants are along the avenue also. The beaches are open to all visitors.


Barcelo Playa Del Carmen
Barcelo Playa Del Carmen

The beach is very nice. In the tourist zone, the beach areas are very clean with sugar white sand. Some coral reefs can be seen at the beach. Each day the beach cleaners take care of any seaweed and debris so you can enjoy sandy white beaches while visiting Playa del Carmen.

You will also find diving, snorkeling and fishing boats in this area. The ferry dock is also close by. This is one of the busiest areas along the beach. The outer lining of the beach is the jungle area.







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