Touring Queenstown, New Zealand

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Queenstown is a resort town for the neighboring countries and continents, as the climate always welcomes you for a vacation. The city is surrounded by the nature’s wonderful snow covered peaks and evergreen forests, which makes tourists come back for more. Golden coated mountains and silver sprinkled lake valleys surround the magnificent city of Queenstown. The city rests on the bank of the Lake Wakatipu, that runs a long distance in the shape of a slanting ‘Z’. Queenstown lies in the south island of New Zealand almost to the west, and includes a couple of nature reserves within its city limits.


Queenstown New Zealand
Queenstown New Zealand


The city has all its naturally made attractions to grab the tourists. Apart from this, there are some interesting adventure sports indeed to hike-up your holiday fun. Stay comfortable in Queenstown resorts and visit all the famous places including the mall and the cemetery.

The Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve and the Queenstown Hill Recreation Reserve are the two outstanding nature reserves where adventures are in plenty. The walking trails are challenging, you could also climb the mountains and hike the planes to view the stunning scenery from the top. Camping is permitted in certain areas, assemble your tents and set a camp fire to beat the coolness. Sufficient Queenstown hotel accommodation is in fact available close to the nature spots. The former one could easily be accessed via two points, namely the Gondola road and the Glenorchy road and the latter from the Lomond Terrace. Cable car facilities are also there.

The Skyline Queenstown could be your perfect adventure spot! This is a huge man made tower to enjoy the nature. Stand on the observation desk to take a glance of the nature. There are enormous activities to boost your thrill and explorations, and is of course a must to spend a whole solid day in this wonderful place. Paragliding, bungee jumps, skydiving, cable car tours, biking in the bushland, hiking trails, canyon swing, luge tracks, and what else you want to have an enthusiastic holiday. The nearby river could offer you parasailing, water rafting and river surfing. Get help from your Queenstown hotels to reach the Skyline, as this is one of the well-known landmarks of Queenstown.


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