Surfing the Canadian Pacific Coast

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Just a few doors down at Wolf in the Fog, one of Tofino’s newest eateries, I’m welcomed and escorted to my table by the restaurant’s manager and wine guru sporting an I-just-got-out-of-the-waves man-bun. After ordering a Pacific Ocean-caught sablefish, and a cedar sour (which tastes like a soothing spa treatment in cocktail form), we chatted about his recent return from a surf trip to Mexico. With this conversation I was convinced: To Toficians, surf is life—even on vacation.

Back in front of my beach house at Pacific Sands—a spot from which my family has been savoring Canada’s Pacific Rim for years—I peeled off my wetsuit and rinsed off the sand under one of the hotel’s outdoor surf showers. Sitting on my doorstep I found my now-cold, pre-lesson coffee with Baileys, which, in retrospect, I didn’t need as a warm-up or liquid courage to ride waves North of the 49th at all.

Where in the world do you prefer to catch waves?




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