The Amazing Gaucho Traditions In Argentina

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The Gauchos, Argentina’s very own version of cowboy culture, have a crucial role in the country’s history and culture. A terrific thrust to Argentina’s economy has been provided by the cattle industry and Gauchos were the first to utilize the vast grazing lands of Argentina for breeding cattle. These days tourists can witness Gaucho culture during a visit to Argentina.


Gauchos in Argentina
Gauchos in Argentina

Argentina’s country side areas like parts of Central Andes or Pampas offer the best opportunities to those willing to find out more about Gauchos and their lifestyle. Like the traditional cowboys of  the USA, during days of old the Gaucho cowboys lived on the edge of the colonies and led a completely independent life free from any sort of control exerted by law. As population continued to grow, those living in colonies moved out in the open Pampas in order to increase sheep breeding activities. Many gauchos then worked tirelessly on these large farms.

Normal gaucho dress included loose trousers, a poncho and high leather boots. Other quintessential gaucho dress included a long knife and stones which were bound in strips of leather called a boleadora. The principal use of this was to trip and bound cattle legs. Times have changed and today you will find that folks in gaucho families dress in jeans but there are many festivals in which traditional gaucho outfit is worn and such occasions are extremely important in learning more about gaucho culture.

Initially, the gauchos were looked down on but, after joining the war against Spain, they became romantic figures. There is festival arranged on 16th June each year for celebrating and honoring Gouchos because of the courage they had displayed during the fight to obtain freedom. In Salta, fires are lit encircling the monument of the general that led them into war while on the 17th, the day the general passed away, there’s a gaucho parade in his honor.


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