Visiting Nyungwe National Park

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In the south western area of Rwanda is the Nyungwe National Park, a mountainous region covered in rain forest and plenty of vegetation and famous for being abundant in a variety of wildlife. An area of just under 378 miles, the park is a large protected area and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Rwanda as well as one of the biggest rain forests situated in mountainous areas.


Nyungwe National Park Rwanda
Nyungwe National Park Rwanda


Although people have lived Nyungwe for over 50,000 years, the forest itself is older still and has a very rich culture and history. The local people depend on the rainforest for sustenance, and many of the tourism that comes to the region is thanks to the ever growing tourist interest in the region’s wildlife and natural beauty.

During the horror of the 1994 genocide, Nyungwe National Park still was looked after by some of the younger members of the protection team. While others fled for their own safety, many stayed to protect what was dear to them. Not long after that, the numbers of the endangered species in the region began to deplete such as the elephant, the last of which was killed by poachers in 1999.

Over the 1960s and 70s the park suffered a lot of devastation with poachers, fires and illegal logging taking place, but thanks to its new protected status which the park gained in 2005, the Nyungwe National Park is now a well preserved area treasured by its local people.


Thanks to its protected status and thick vegetation, there is a abundance of wildlife still thriving in Nyungwe today. With a number of mammals, over 300 species of bird and around 13 species of primates, Nyungwe is a great place for tourists to soak up the thriving environment of the park. There are a great many different types of monkey in the park, and searching for the chimpanzees on one of the famous monkey tracking tours is a great way of spending time on your holiday.


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