The sweet side of Los Angeles

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The sweet side of Los Angeles

Indulging in decadent treats in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are many specialty shops for cakes, candies, and other sweet treats. Around town lines are often out the door for items such as gourmet ice cream sandwiches and unique twists on classic pastries. This might be surprising given the reputation the famed city has for fit and health-conscious locals. But let’s be honest: We Angelenos know how to indulge.

Here are three top establishments for crave-worthy delights in West Los Angeles.

The Milk Shop

If you’re driving along Beverly Boulevard, The Milk Shop is hard to miss: A towering white Art-Deco building adorned with a façade of four red milk bottles with the letters M, I, L, and K let you know you’ve arrived.

Here, freshly homemade ice creams and sorbets take center stage. Unique flavors such as blueberry crumble pie, Thai tea, and Nutella are quite popular. Order a scoop on a cone, in a cup or smushed between two freshly baked cookies and you will understand all the hype. Macaron sandwiches, shakes, smoothies, sundaes, and cakes can be found here as well.

A chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Milk
A chocolate chip cookie sandwich from Milk


A personal favorite order of mine is a coconut ice cream sandwich made with two red velvet chocolate chip cookies. That chewy, freshly baked cookie just dissolves into the delicate, melting ice cream. When I want something a bit healthier, sorbet is tasty too. The blood orange sorbet (for which the oranges are imported from France) is my go-to order. The passionfruit also is quite tasty.


Behold: guilt-free donuts. As co-owner Waylynn Lucas told me, the mission from the beginning of Fonuts has been to create an experience that provides a happy escape. Lucas and her other co-owner, Nancy Truman, strive to do this by creating pastries shaped like donuts but are baked or steamed instead of fried. The ingredients are fresh and all natural. And most Fonuts are imperceptibly glutten-free and vegan.


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