Los Angeles

Shutters on the Beach Santa Monica California

Shutters on the Beach is the only luxury hotel in Los Angeles right on the beach. Consisting of a total of 186 gracious rooms and 12 suites, Shutters on the Beach recalls the colorful architecture of the historic beach resorts and cottages characteristics of the southern California coast during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The lobby boasts two large wood fireplaces, intimate conversation areas and a large balcony overlooks the ocean.

Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is better known as The City of Angels. It is a modern metropolis of not only United States of America but also of the world. Los Angeles is often billed as the “Creative Capital of the World”. There are multitudes of attractions that mesmerize all visitors. Museums, theatres, great shopping, multitude options of entertainment, luxurious Hotels, vibrant night life and relaxing vacations, say it and Los Angeles has it all.

The sweet side of Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, there are many specialty shops for cakes, candies, and other sweet treats. Around town lines are often out the door for items such as gourmet ice cream sandwiches and unique twists on classic pastries. This might be surprising given the reputation the famed city has for fit and health-conscious locals. But let’s be honest: We Angelenos know how to indulge.

10 Bucket List sandwiches

Creating flavorful memories from around the globe. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was British first lord of the Admiralty during the American Revolution. He’s also the guy who invented the sandwich. After sitting at a gambling table for 24 hours straight, he sustained himself with only a piece of beef between two slices of toasted bread. And …

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Restaurant hopping around Los Angeles

Experiencing food from Los Angeles’ top trending chefs. The Los Angeles food scene is astir. The list of must-visit restaurants seems to be multiplying by the minute in the City of Angels, and many successful chefs and restaurateurs have opened multiple establishments around town where fans and followers can enjoy their signature styles of cooking in various permutations.