Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan

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With a rich cultural and natural heritage, Paro Valley in Bhutan offers a myriad of activities for travellers to enjoy. Those opting to embark on a sightseeing  journey are in for an unforgettable experience. From the ruined fortress found in Drugyel Dzong to the bustling streets in Paro Town, the region is home to various points of interest.



Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan

Visit places such as the old watchtower of Rinpung Dzong, the National Museum and Ta Dzong which offer a truly unique perspective on the region’s rich cultural heritage.
Located amidst immense natural beauty and rooted in history, monasteries and temples in Paro Valley are some of the main attractions for travellers to visit when in Bhutan. Some of these include Thaktshang Goempa, yichu Lhakhang and Drugyel Dzong.

Although the climb to this monastery is quite a challenge, it will prove to be absolutely worth it.

One of the most special temples in the region is yichu Lhakhang. According to legends, a giant ogress made many efforts to prevent the spread of Buddhism in Bhutan. A Tibetan king gave orders to the locals to construct temples at the key points on the body of the ogress, which was believed to weaken her powers and yichu Lhakhang is said to be built on the location of her foot.

Drugyel Dzong with its old world charm never fails to enthral visitors. Built to commemorate Bhutan’s victory of the invasion of Tibet, this historically significant site affords views of Mt. Jumolhari.

The keen trekker can try the pine clad hillsides which lead to secluded village temples and mountaintop monasteries. Said to be one of the first regions to be influenced by Buddhism, Paro Valley is home to more ancient monasteries and temples. With its beautiful terraced farmland and tranquil atmosphere, the valley makes for an ideal destination for a holiday.


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