Top 10 Escapes to the Sun

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A tropical vacation is great any time of the year , it is always a great time to take  a flight to a hot vacation destination. There are a number of great escapes to the sun where you can relax on a beach, swim in the warm waters, and enjoy the local activities and attractions.

Below is a list of the top 10 vacation destinations to escape the winter:


Maui Hawaii
Maui Hawaii


Maui, Hawaii:

Hawaii is always a great tropical vacation destination. Maui is a romantic place for couples as well as a fun escape for the family. You will enjoy beautiful beaches and exciting activities such as whale watching, windsurfing, hiking, diving, and snorkeling. You can also enjoy exploring volcanic craters, jungle landscapes, and authentic Hawaiian cuisine such as coconut prawns, lomilomi salmon, and pig.

Los Angeles:

A great place to see celebrities, many people travel to Los Angeles for fun in the sun. The beaches are fantastic and the dining absolutely delicious. You can also enjoy great shopping excursions.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

This hot spot is a popular tourist destination. The beaches and hot weather are perfect for relaxing and there many great hotels that cater to all types of travelers such as singles, couples, and families. There are also a number of water sports available and make sure you take in a game of golf.

The Bahamas:

With beautiful limestone landscapes, the Bahamas includes up to 700 islands as well as thousands of cayes. The beaches are spectacular and the waters very warm. You can also enjoy shopping, diving, sailing, and kayaking.

Cancun, Mexico:

A popular place for students on spring break, Cancun also has many luxury adults-only resorts. Vacationers will enjoy privacy if they choose, exciting nightlife, great dining, and many different fun activities. Cancun is perfect for singles, partiers, and there are even resorts for families.


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