top five cities to visit in north africa

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The top five cities to visit in north Africa are a veritable treasure trove of amazing sights, sounds, and situations for you to explore. From the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert to the crowded city streets of the area’s Kasbahs, there is no end to the wonders and excitement that you can discover. However, most people don’t have the time to spend experiencing the whole of the region (which would take a lifetime!), so how do you decide where to go? Well, to help narrow it down we’ve put together a list of the top five cities in that you can visit on your holidays to North Africa.


Cairo Egypt Top Five Cities to Visit in North Africa
Cairo Egypt


Marrakech is a hub of culture and tourism in Morocco. It also gives you a real taste of the region, offering the chance to barter in the largest souk (traditional market) in all of Morocco, and arguably the whole of North Africa.

Holidays to the city are exotic, exciting and varied; you can spend your time there taking in the amazing monuments and buildings or relaxing in the gardens and courtyards. The city also has some amazing views of the desert and offers trips, treks, and tours into and through the vast expanse of sand.

Marrakech Market Morocco


4. Tunis

Tunis has had an adventurous history through the ages – many armies have fought over the city, it has been a haven for pirates and buccaneers and has been bombarded by the British navy! There’s a real sense of excitement in the city, of barely contained possibility and adventure that any visitor on a North African holiday can’t fail to be caught up in.

As the capital of Tunisia, the city is an administrative and cultural center that offers a range of different experiences to suit all tastes; from Mediterranean cruises to Moorish treks, the city has something for every adventurer.

3. Alexandria

People searching for holidays to North Africa with a literary and historical bent should look no further than Alexandria. The city was home to the most advanced lighthouse and one of the most wide-ranging libraries in history two of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Though these amazing structures were sadly lost to antiquity, the city continues to house some of the lesser wonders of the ancient world which are well worth a visit; Roman, Greek, and Egyptian ruins mingle in an incredible city that is almost an open air museum in and of itself.


Alexandria Egypt Top Five Cities to Visit in North Africa

2. Casablanca

In our top five cities in north Africa, Casablanca is our second on our top five cities in north africaNorth Africa holiday destination that is in Morocco and has a very interesting history, people may only know the glitzy, exotic Hollywood film idea of the city, but it’s actually not far off.

You can wander down to Rick’s Café (a replica of the film’s café that’s popular with tourists), and walk in the city’s alleyways and streets surrounded by vendors.

However, after independence, the city has grown to accommodate both old and new influences, with top class hotels nestled comfortably in ancient streets. Spend even a little time on holiday in this North African city and you’ll feel the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will bloom over many such trips.

casablanca morocco Top Five Cities to Visit in North Africa


1. Cairo

Number one on our list of the five cities to visit in North Africa has to be Cairo. The capital of Egypt provides everything you could want from a holiday in North Africa. Modern shopping complexes exist in harmony with traditional stalls; rustic rented rooms are available in the same city that has luxury five-star suites; you can eat from local stalls or purchase the most exquisite cuisine money can buy.

The city has it all and caters to all tastes, but where it stands out is its surroundings. The Nile River, the endless desert and the towering monuments of the Pyramids at Giza make Cairo a city in its own league.

Sphinx Giza Pyramid Top Five Cities to Visit in North Africa
Sphinx Giza Pyramid







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