Top Hotels in Fiji

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Situated on the mainland of the South Pacific, Fiji is a country blessed with more than 300 tropical islands. These islands are the home for some of the happiest people on the earth.


The excellent thing about this country is that she is known for her luxurious private-islands. There are culinary destinations, top space and of course all-inclusive resorts. Most importantly, outdoor adventures truly attract tourists from across the world to this destination.

Beautiful Fiji islands


The most exciting thing that tourists experience at Fiji is the culture of the land. The culture helps tourists to get a very warm welcome from the locals. The highly clear ocean water, immaculate, and white sand beaches make this country the ideal destination for tourists.

Not just for tourists, this country is the excellent attraction for families and honeymooners. Those looking for a relaxing location can get the same at this destination. Most importantly, this country is easily accessible through non-stop and convenient flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles or Honolulu Abroad Fiji Airways.

Fiji beaches


How about accommodation in Fiji?

As you look for the top hotels in Fiji, the good thing to remember is that there are places for everyone. This means that there are hotels for every budget in this great land. The nation has five-star resorts that offer superlative facilities and dining.

Adventurers and backpackers are provided a warm welcome by island resorts and affordable hotels. There are also options for people looking for a village-type home stay at Fiji.

Irrespective of whether you look for a family stay along with your kids or whether you are a honeymooner planning your stay in Fiji, you will find an accommodation in this country. Even, hard-core divers interested in finding the finest coral reefs in the world will find them at Fiji.


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