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Top Hotels in London, England

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An attractive quote reads “A bad day in London, is still better than a good day anywhere else”. This quote clearly explains how special London is. This holds true not just for the people staying there, but also for people visiting this city as tourists from some other countries.

There are many attractive places to explore in this great city of England. But, you should first make sure that you have chosen the best place for your accommodation in the city, isn’t? To help you, let us explore some details about some top hotels in London, England.

Big Ben

45 Park Lane Hotel:

This park has gained the rating of 5-star from the Forbes Travel Guide. This is a sophisticated, yet full of life hotel. The location of the hotel at the elegant Mayfair makes it the first choice among tourists.

45 Park Lane Hotel

With its breakthrough architecture, contemporary art collection and dynamic interiors, this hotel offer guests a luxurious and relaxed stay. In addition to providing the best accommodation, the hotel will also provide you with the excellent basis for exploring London.

The interiors at this hotel have a contemporary boutique hotel design. The design was created by the New York-based designer Thierry Despont. Each suite and guest room in this hotel are spaciously designed. More importantly, you can get the fascinating view of the leafy Hyde Park from this hotel. If you choose to stay at the Penthouse Suite offered by the hotel, you are sure to get an ultimate experience. The reason is the attractive art deco design and also the wrap-around balcony that features a panoramic view of the London cityscape.


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The Berkeley:

This is a four-star hotel in London as per Forbes Travel Guide rating. But, it is actually a five-star hotel. The hotel always delights the guests with its welcoming atmosphere and sense of style. The hotel has been serving tourists for more than 100 years. She is standing tall at the heart of the Knightsbridge in London. The Hyde Park and the Sloane Street are on the doorstep to this hotel.

The Berkeley

The hotel has received many awards for the best service offered to the guests. The awards were given to honor the hotel for the facilities offered. Some awards were also for honoring the restaurant and service offered at the Berkeley. Recently in 2017, she was awarded the Belgravia in Bloom 2017 award. The reason for this award is the best pub, hotel display for the McQueens’ Wizard of the Oz Floral Creation.

The awards clearly stand as the proof of the dedication of the hotel towards their guests.

The London Edition:

The London Edition is among the hotels recommended for tourists by the Forbes Travel Guide. This hotel stands as the modern glamor in London.

The London Edition

From the view of an outsider, this hotel looks like a Georgian hotel. The reason is the columned portico and complex moldings. But, when you notice the all-glass entrance door, you will get to know that the hotel has everything modern inside.

This hotel just leaves the Georgian Heritage at the doors and gets you through the grand lobby bar to the uncluttered black reception desk. Not just the eye-catching design of the reception area, you will be excited with the pleasing staff. The modern approach can be understood right in this area as the staff welcomes you with an iPad.

The rooms are also modern with high ceilings and the vast white beds provide a sense of space to the guests. The bars and the restaurant at this hotel will also please you with great drinks and dishes.

The Connaught:

If you look for one of the top hotels in London, England that will help you to easily visit the nearby attractions, you should choose The Connaught. She is standing tall at the heart of Mayfair. Restaurants are just a stone’s throw away from this hotel on the Mount Street. Similarly, antique stores, galleries, designer boutiques and open spaces of nearby Green Park and Hyde Park will enthrall you and your family.

The Connaught

Rooms at the Connaught really help you identify that they are designed by great interior designers. Your thought is true. Great interior designers have contributed to the interior design of this hotel.

The guest rooms are provided with 17-inch LCD televisions, smart heating and air systems, organic Bamford Toiletries, walk-in showers and much other attractive stuff. The rooms are designed in such a way that you will show interest to stay at the room itself rather than exploring London.

The Milestone Hotel:

A four-star hotel, the Milestone is located across the street from the popular Kensington Gardens in London. Also, her location close to the clothing shops in the Kensington High Street will bring the best shopping experience to tourists. The antique emporiums on the Kensington Church Street will also provide a great relaxing time outdoors when you stay at this hotel.

The Milestone Hotel

Each and every suite and room in this hotel is unique. This holds true not just with the layout, but also with the décor. The hotel has made sure that some unique original period features are maintained in their interiors.

However, to keep pace with the interiors of the modern day, the hotel refurbishes 7 or 8 rooms every year. The guests are offered with Wi-Fi Access all through the hotel. There are iPod docking stations, along with CD and DVD players with in-house music at each guest room.


As you were searching for the best among the top hotels in London, England, you can choose one among these 5 picks. You are sure to get an unforgettable experience irrespective of any of these hotels you choose.

It is not that the hotels that have not found a place in this list are not worthy to stay. There are many others as well in London. You should choose one based on your requirement and your budget. You can just do a comparative shopping to make your stay unforgettable.


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