Tourist Attractions In Zagreb Croatia

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The city of Zagreb Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, for people from all round the world. Over here, you can enjoy the sights of many stunningly beautiful and classy tourist hotspots. Getting affordable accommodations in Zagreb is hardly a problem either. In the current article, we would list out 10 places that you should visit, while in Zagreb:


Croatia Zagreb
Croatia Zagreb


The Croatian National Theater – If you wish to get an inkling of the typical Croatian musical culture, book your seats for a theatrical performance at the National Theater. Classy programs are held on a regular basis at this place, and the building itself has a distinct aura and charm. You will enjoy a nice, captivating evening here!

Lotrscak Tower – Want to catch a bird’s eye view of the entire city? Plan a trip to the Lotrscak Tower, and purchase tickets for going to the top of this building. There are several theories regarding the purpose for which this tower was initially built – each of them having to do with the ancient battles between Croatia and Turkey. You can ask the staff at the rental apartments in Zagreb where you are staying, for the road directions to this popular tourist destination.

Museum of Broken Relationships – The name is innovative, and the exhibits at this museum are far from being run-of-the-mill too! Over here, you will find evidences and souvenirs from famous romantic sagas from all over the globe, which met with tragic endings. Situated in a central location near many rental Zagreb apartments, this museum would emotionally bowl you over.

St. Mark’s Church – Get a feel of the religious beliefs and customs of the people of Zagreb, by including this elegant and rich-on-heritage church in your ‘places-to-visit’ list. The ambiance of the St. Mark’s Church is soothing, and it also bears evidence of excellent sculptural works, from a bygone era.

Jarun Lake – Fond of a bit of water-fun? Travel to the quaint Jarun Lake, do a bit of roller-skating and/or rowing – and feel rejuvenated! The lake is easily accessible from most of the apartments that offer affordable accommodations in Zagreb, making accessibility a clinch. A relaxed stroll along the side of the Jarun Lake is mighty fulfilling too!

Maksimir Park – If you take a few snaps of the beautifully built Echo Pavilion and Bellevue Pavilion at the Maksimir Park, they can serve nicely as souvenirs from your holiday in Zagreb. There are several alleys and artificial water bodies at the park, making it an ideal picnic spot for visitors. You can avail of the local tram service to arrive at this place easily.


Croatia Zagreb museum
Croatia Zagreb museum


Gornji Grad – Wish to pamper your taste buds at some of the best restaurants in Zagreb? The Gornji Grad is the place you should be headed to! Apart from housing many high-class eating joints and cafes, the streets in this section of the city have a distinct old-world charm about them. If you take up abode at any of the hired apartments in Zagreb near Gornji Grad, you can visit the shops and restaurants here several times during your stay in the city.

The Blessed Virgin Mary (Assumption) Cathedral – The origins of this grand cathedral can be traced back to the thirteenth century. The two spires of the cathedral stand out as the main highlights of the building. You will also like the elegantly created frescoes at the cathedral.

Zrinjevac Park – Located near the famous Art Pavilion and a few Zagreb Apartments, the Zrinjevac is one of the most idyllic and well-maintained parks in the country. There are many small shops at the park, while you can have a refreshing drink at any of the bars over here too. Several benches and seats are present around the park for the tourists.

The Zagreb Zoo, the Municipal Museum, the Strossmayer Gallery and the Trg Josip Jelacica also enjoy high visitor footfalls, at all times of the year. You can plan your stay at any of the rental apartments in Zagreb near the city center, which is close to most of the tourist attractions mentioned above. You will have the time of your life – Zagreb is indeed that beautiful!

The Mirogoj cemetery – This cemetery is located only a short distance away from Zagreb city center, and is a fine example of the richness of Croatian architectural excellence. The overall structure of Mirogoj resembles that of an imposing fortress, and the elegant wall carvings are absolutely enchanting. There are several Zagreb apartments near Mirogoj too, making this place easily accessible for tourists.


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