Travel Destination – Ireland

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One of the popular travel destinations in Europe is Ireland. Ireland is an island fantasy to shop around, explore the Irish culture, beers and celebrate festivals. You’ll find plenty of football and soccer lovers amidst the remarkable music scene and love for theater in the island. Take your families for a splendid vacation with your families and loved ones.


Dublin Ireland
Dublin Ireland

Cities in Ireland are another marvel to explore on its own. Speaking of the fantastic city destinations in Ireland, Dublin is the most fascinating city of all. The capital city and the largest in the island, a trip to Dublin is all worthwhile. Dublin is regarded one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The fine architecture that adds beauty to the entire city is spectacular. Irish pubs are scattered all over the city to sip a beer and catch a game of football. Shopping sprees on top of the awesome holiday makes it a perfect vacation for the whole family. There are numerous shopping malls, boutique stores, boulevards in the city. This is the best retail therapy for shopaholics. Visit Dublin to enjoy the numerous attractions whilst admiring the architecture belonging to eras and centuries old.

Galway is a coastal city and popular for its eventful calendar throughout the year. The festivals are one of akin and celebrations are almost every day. Also known as the City of Tribes, Galway is a fantastic place to explore the Irish culture with good food, drinks and people. Visit anytime of the year and you’ll be warmly welcome by a colourful festival. Don’t miss the Galway Bay which takes the lion’s share of hosting the festivals and events. Amidst the celebrations and merry making, adventure seekers can travel to the mountainous hill up in the west or for scenic farming valleys in the east. Both are irreplaceable places to capture some splendid photographs.

If history is your cup of tea and loves to explore more about it then pay a visit to the oldest city in Ireland – Waterford. The best place to be in Waterford is the Granary Museum to spend hours and hours going back to the fascinating ancient history. While roaming around seeking for stories and tales in the past, stop at a cafe to taste the local favorite – blaa. It’s a popular bread bun in the city and an all time favorite.

Sightseeing at its best is at Sligo. Travel to this breathtaking city in Ireland to enjoy the pristine beaches. Be there to sunbath or get sunburnt. Tanning sessions are extremely popular so are beach sports on the powdery sand. Mountains are inviting for an adrenaline pumping adventure. Hiking and trekking is another famous activity in Sligo. All in all, Sligo is a picturesque city worth visiting for its natural beauty.

Cliffs of Moher is a major tourist attraction in Ireland. You’ll hardly miss it for it is also the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland. The cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean offers stunning views to travelers while an excitement for actions seekers.




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