Victoria Falls one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

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Victoria Falls is one of the most attractive, natural and stunning waterfall. You can experience a great time after visiting the Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls is in between the Zimbabwe and Zambia which is in South side of Africa. Many of visitors visit each year to this beautiful site. There is nothing beautiful like this roaring powerful Victoria Falls. The dropping voice of water makes these Victoria Falls surroundings more relaxing, comfortable and romantic. This Victoria Falls is ideal for family vocations.


Victoria falls
Victoria falls

The spurt is so inspiring from the look out points that you can feel that you are in a middle of heavy and pouring rain storm. The width of Victoria Falls is over 1 mile approximately 1.7 Km. The height of Victoria Falls is 355 feet approximately 108 m. During the rain and wet seasons almost 500 million liters of water come over the edge in Zambezi River.

This implausible quantity of water generates a vast quantity of squirt which almost shoots 1000 feet in sky. You can also see this amazing and stunning scene 30 miles away from the Victoria Falls. This is a unbelievable and natural scene.There are also national parks at the Victoria Falls these parks are relatively small. The names of the parks are Mosi oa Tunya National park and Victoria Falls National Park. The Mosi oa Tunya covered the area of 66 square kilometers which is almost 16,309 acres.

The Victoria Falls National Park covered the area of 23 square kilometer which is almost 5,683 acres. The precious animals are in the different parks includes Matetsi Safari Area, Kazuma Pan National Park and Hwange National Park in the south. The national park in Victoria Falls contain copious including extensive populations of buffalo, leopard, zebra, giraffe, antelope, lion and elephant are only rarely seen. The monkeys’, baboons and Vervet are also frequent.


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