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Would you like to explore the history and culture of China? The ancient civilization spreads all over the China, but gathers in some places including Beijing, Xianan, Yangtze River, Lhasa, etc. Beijing is the ancient and now capital of China, so it records the history and culture from Ming Dynasty. As the capital of China, Beijing encourages tourists to explore the cities historical, cultural and major attractions within the city limits of Beijing.


Great Wall Of China
Great Wall Of China

In order to meet the needs of tourists, various routes in Beijing City Tour include the Great Wall. However, booking any hot route online, you will enjoy these attractions including the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

Another ancient city in China is Xian in Shanxi Province. From Western Zhou Dynasty, Xian was the capital in 13 dynasties. What it had saved bit by bit is the bright culture and ancient history. Among these 13 dynasties, Tang Dynasty is the most flourishing dynasty in Xian. Visiting in Xian, you discover a city older than Beijing. The Terracotta Warriors can be found in the historical site of Qin Dynasty, Tang Paradise witnessed the most flourishing time of Tang Dynasty, Wild Goose Pagoda recorded the rise and fall of Buddhism in Tang Dynasty, Touring Xian gives you a deep impression of life before Beijing.

Lhasa is a mysterious city in China, and what it witnessed is another kind of culture in China. No matter Potala Palace, Norbulingka or Johkang Monastery, they are all the representations of Tibetan Buddhism. Different than the civilizations of Yangtze River and Yellow River, Tibet is a grass nationality in history, and most people are minorities. Lhasa is the provincial capital of Tibet and it is the outstanding representative of Tibet.


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