What to do in Punta Del Este?

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So you finally got to go on that long awaited vacation to Punta del Este, Uruguay. Wonderful! Everything’s in check; sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. There seems to be a bit of confusion though. You can’t decide on where to go to relax and hang out. Let’s face it. Even if we consider ourselves seasoned travelers, we sometimes get tied up at deciding where to stay and where to go. Not to worry. Your problem’s solved.


Punta del este
Punta del este

One of the many travels I made took me to Punta del Este. I was pretty excited to see and experience this beautiful place. Punta del Este is an eastern spit of land in between the Atlantic Ocean and Rio del Plata. It was once called Cabo Santa Maria by the old sailors and fishermen.

Punta del Este as it is known today, is known worldwide for its luxury hotels, restaurants, miles and miles of beautiful scenic beaches, an active and glamorous nightlife and it’s huge summer population. It has been known as an exclusive resort for wealthy South Americans and it is still expensive

Where would you want to get your accommodations? Well, that really depends on you. There is never a shortage of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from in Punta del Este. You might want to get booked in one of the many Punta del Este beach resorts if you want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that its famous bikini beaches could offer. If you’d like to be close to where the action is, La Barra is where you should be at. I had a marvelous experience staying at one of the famous La Barra hotels.


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