Edinburgh, A Jewel In Scotland’s Crown

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Located on the south east coast of Scotland, Edinburgh is the capital city and home of the Scottish government. Though it is smaller than Glasgow, the population of Edinburgh doubles during the month of August, which is when the city hosts the International Edinburgh Festival.

The beautiful architecture, stunning landscape, deep history and rich culture of this great city make it a fabulous vacation destination. There is so much to see and do for the whole family such as museums, art galleries, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, parks, theaters, guided tours and much more.


Edinburgh Scotland
Edinburgh Scotland

Luxury Scotland hotels are plentiful in Edinburgh, and some names of these luxurious accommodations are The Balmoral, The Scotsman, The Glasshouse and Kew House to name just a few. There are also many other affordable hotel options in this great city, as well as self-catering cottage and apartment rentals. There are multiple options in fabulous locations around Edinburgh, to suit every budget and style preference.

Edinburgh is home to some fantastic restaurants and cafes to suit a vast array of tastes and budgets. World cuisine is authentically served in many niche restaurants around the city, and there is a multitude of establishments that offer the more local and traditional cuisine of the area.

Many cafes and bistros in Edinburgh offer outdoor seating, which is a great way to enjoy Edinburgh’s aesthetics during warm summer months.

The many traditional pubs around the city are popular with both locals and tourists, and a warm welcome is waiting for those who choose to enjoy any of these historic establishments. There is a well-established music scene in Edinburgh, and music of many styles can be enjoyed in a number of bars and clubs across the city, including jazz and traditional Folk music. Edinburgh is famous for its nightlife, and there are a number of nightclubs throughout the city.


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