List of the Top Places to Visit in London

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Top Places to Visit in London we put together some of the best places to visit while you are in London. The history and magnificent structures along with great shopping and nightlife make London the perfect city to visit and spend time strolling this amazing city. Take a look at what we think are some of the most important places to visit and enjoy this magnificent destination.


So whether you are in London for a vacation, business trip or furthering an education, take some time to look around and see the top places there are in this city. You will love everything that you find here from amazing stores to fancy restaurants. But of course, do not say that I did not warn you. Bring our cash and credit card as well. London has many things to offer to tourists who want to enjoy and see breathtaking scenery.


London bridge at night
London bridge at night

Let us start with the Oxford or Regents Street. The reason why you will love this place is because there are a lot of shopping stores that you can visit. The best time to come her is I guess during Christmas when the streets are filled with lights.

Next is the Trafalgar Square where Nelson’s Column is located. Here you will find sculptures as well as statues. There are also huge buildings all over the square like Canada Houses and the South Africa.

Third is the Leicester Square which is an absolute entertainment haven. It is here where you will find numerous eateries, cinemas, bars and cafes all over the square.

You may not want to miss out on Piccadilly Circus. This is a very popular place where several advertising boards can be found.


kensington gardens
kensington gardens

Hyde Park is considered the largest in London central which is near the Kensington  Gardens.

Of course, City of London should also be included in your list of the top places. This is regarded as one of the greatest financial centers in the world. Historical buildings are also found here.

If you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables then go to the Covent  Gardens. When you are there, grab the chance to visit the Royal Opera House.


Visit Tower of London Traitors Gate – The gate was built in the late 1270s on the orders of Edward I to provide a convenient means by which he could arrive by barge. It acquired its present name as the Tower evolved into a place of impris­onment – and sometimes torture – for those accused of treason, notably in the 16th century during the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Tower of London Traitors Gate - Top Places to Visit in London
Tower of London Traitors Gate – Top Places to Visit in London

London eye is also a famous attraction among tourists because of the giant wheels. London Eye is centrally located in the heart of the capital, gracefully rotating over the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

At 135 meters, the London Eye is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel; a feat of design and engineering, it has become the modern symbol representing the capital and a global icon. The experience showcases breathtaking 360-degree views of the capital and its famous landmarks and has been the number one visitor experience in the city for the past decade.


London at night
London at night – Top Places to Visit in London



For a luxurious visit then head to the Mayfair. The flats here are among the most expensive in the world so expect that the people who are staying here are among the wealthiest in London. There are also high-end shops and expensive diners around the corner.

These should be on top of your list of the top places to see in London.


London Hyde Park
London Hyde Park – Top Places to Visit in London




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