Oman – A land of treasures, mysteries and heritage

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The Sultanate of Oman can be expressed as a treasure land. As one of the renowned holiday destination in the Middle East, the country is now attracting travelers from all over the world to come and view its attractiveness and variety in enjoyment it offers.



Oman is well-known for its only one of its kind culture and unbelievable landscape all over Arabia. It is said to be the holiday destination for the travelers. The sound attractiveness of Oman as a tourism focus point have developed from the fact that it has fairly easy accessibility from most countries, quite stylish infrastructure that helps in enjoying a tranquil vacation, and uncomplicated visa facilities for leisure travel. That’s why; it is not surprising that Oman tourism has at present gained encouraging response from the travelers from all over the world.

For exploratory travelers Oman regions adventure trip offers numerous activities that give exhilaration and add up in making Oman travel more exciting. It has splendid mountains that are ideal for camping, hiking, rock climbing and trekking whereas desert safari give an experience of the true Omani culture and traditions. It is out of world thrilling experience to be amidst mysterious caves and mountains, and an utmost excitement for tourists that want to enjoy this enthralling experience for the first time in their life off work and dull routine. For tourists, apart from sailing activities, Oman also has several water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling as well on its aquamarine coast.

Oman is a very wide-ranging country and offers an array of activities from visiting some of the ancient cities in the world to the thrill of caves and desert safaris. Omanis are proud of both their country’s rapid growth and their heritage as one of the great marine nations. Excellent schools and hospitals, first class governance, and lifelong infrastructure progress are all noteworthy uniqueness of this warm nation.

Oman history is a joy to explore for visitors who enjoy historical architecture such as Oman forts and palaces. Oman takes the pleasure of hosting some of the most exciting Oman events during the year. The Muscat Festival is one such event in Muscat during which there are celebrations of music and theatre performances, art exhibitions, sporting events and many more customary activities like traditional dance and short-term theme parks etc.. It is usually celebrated in the opening of each year. Salalah Tourism Festival is to commemorate its rich heritage. National Day of Oman is one of the most admired festivals in Oman.

Maintaining a balance between what is historic and what is contemporary, Oman has unlocked its doors to the world. With a wide range of sights to see, things to do, and places to go, this huge country has a something for each tourist, regardless of his or her age or liking. Oman has a plenty to offer in terms of rich heritage, prehistoric infrastructure and momentous outlook, which make travel a delight.

As the land of the legendary exotic tribe, Oman is proud of some extraordinary Oman forts and is a true proof of majesty, magnificence and splendor of Islamic architecture. The magnificent mountains, the beaches, and the architectural sensation that are the many mosques and forts make for a lovely scenery to the traditional culture and look of this fast developing country that once was home to legendary poets and adventurers.



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