Millennials Guide to Chicago

Millennials are often travel-bound, but it’s hard to nail you down on your plans. As HipMunk points out, Mills like to book last-minute travel and are likely to snag deals on a whim. If you’re looking for a place to spend your next spontaneous getaway, Chi-Town deserves a place on the top of your short list. There are tons of hotels and great food, and the city has a character you can’t deny.

Detroit’s Auto Museums

It’s hard to imagine an industry that shaped a culture as much as the auto industry shaped America’s in the 20th century. It eliminated trams and created suburbs. It introduced the assembly line and the hourly wage. It spawned a transient nation of road trips, motels, drive-in ‘movie theatres’ and family summer holidays.

Mackinac Island Travel back in time to a Victorian fairy tale

Mackinac Island boasts a rich history—as American Indian summering grounds, as the center of the North American fur-trading business and as a colonial fortress—but it’s the gilded Victorian era the island preserves like a living postcard that is the most striking. Horse-drawn carriages clip-clop down vehicle-free streets. Pedestrians stroll and bicyclists pedal past Main Street …

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