KAZ Vineyards & Winery Sonoma County, California

So you are in Wine Country and you want a truly unique experience. No big tasting rooms, no faux Tuscan villas and definitely no million case production facilities. No, what you want is something different, small even, but with lots of personality, character (and characters) and, perhaps a measure of quirkiness. Then welcome to Kaz …

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California Sparkling Wine and the Champagne Style

By now you probably know that Champagne is really just sparkling white wine, but specifically refers to bottles that hail from the Champagne region of France. Most newer growers don’t put champagne on their bottles anymore, but you still know roughly what you’re getting when you buy a bottle of California sparkling wine. But do …

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Napa Valley wine tours

We need to take a break every once in a while for nourishing our families as well as to work more efficiently ensuring that our performance doesn’t get hindered. And if you have issues in deciding for a place to visit for your vacation, come down to San Francisco’s Napa Valley Tour.  

Palazzo Viviani , Montegridolfo Italy

A truly ancient castle dating back to medieval times, doomed to be a constant bone of contention through the centuries due to its unique strategic position. Situated right on the border between Romagna and Marche regions, Montegridolfo lies on the border of the lands belonging to two noble families, the Malatesta of Rimini and the Montefeltro, …

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