Beijing China – a Forbidden city

Beijing, the Capital of Republic of China, formerly called Peking, Beiping, Dadu, Jingcheng, and Yanjing in different periods of Chinese history; has become one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. It is a home to nearly 14 millions people, with high rise building, International hotel and extensive suburbs. The modernization process is rapidly taking place. In contrast, Beijing is also a city covered with wide Chinese culture and historical interest.

Traveling to Beautiful Borneo

There are so many beautiful destinations in the world, and everyone who loves traveling want to see as much of it as possible. In the past few years, traveling in the island of Borneo became so popular that it attracts thousands of people all around the world. This beautiful island, divided into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, is well known for its untouched nature that makes it look like a paradise.

5 Places to visit in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and pride of Asia. This international city is the financial nerve of the global world. It is the symbol of rising Japan from the ashes of atomic fallout. Its grandeur is the focus of millions of international tourists around the world. Read on to find the top 5 tourist landmarks in Tokyo:

Beautiful places in Macau

Macau is surely one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia. Macau tourist attractions are never ending. The city offers its visitors a good choice of hotels that will suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan

With a rich cultural and natural heritage, Paro Valley in Bhutan offers a myriad of activities for travellers to enjoy. Those opting to embark on a sightseeing journey are in for an unforgettable experience. From the ruined fortress found in Drugyel Dzong to the bustling streets in Paro Town, the region is home to various points of interest.

Visit paradise Bora Bora

The Bora Bora Resort Island is situated inside the South Pacific and it is awe-inspiring. You will find blossoming gorges, magnificent tropical slopes and a must see splendour lagoon, which is a must see for any vacationer. Depending on the season, there are a variety of things to do that are, mostly, affordable and flexible.