Top-rated vacation destinations in North America

When it comes to living your best life, why not reach for the top? Traveling is one of the very best ways to live big, and we have compiled a list of North American destinations that have proven their A-list status to travelers. This list includes cities with 600+ reviews, ranked in order from highest …

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Top 10 World Beaches

Our beach bucket list consists of the world’s most fabulous ten beaches. These beaches are dotted across the globe from Malaysia to Massachusetts. They are on every discerning sun worshipers bucket list. These are the beaches we dream of, the places we never want to leave, and long to return to. Tastes vary from one …

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The Most Underrated City: Boston

One of the most underrated cities to vacation in is Boston, Massachusetts. You’re probably already getting visions of wind-burned faces, ravenous sports fans, and Ben Affleck. But Boston has more to offer than that. From historic sites to the Arts to great food to enthusiastic fans of some of the best sports teams in the country, this great city is a city like no other.

USS Constitution

5 Places to visit in Boston

Size can be deceiving, a statement that certainly holds true for the small city of Boston. Despite of occupying a small area when compared to other major American cities, Boston boasts of diverse range of attractions that are enough to bring most big cities to shame. Famous for playing an important role in the American Revolution that happened during the 1770s, Boston has quickly become a tourist hotspot offering the perfect blend of history, art, and natural beauty.