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Scarborough is one of the best romantic places in England

If you are finding the place for spending good time with your lover and enjoy a break in your life from all the hassles, this could be a challenging task for you. There are a variety of city scapes and landscapes in England where you can surely walk keeping hand in hand with your beloved. In this article, you can have a relative look at the benefits of a variety of locations across all the counties in England where you can enjoy the romantic breaks of your life.

The Milestone Hotel London, UK

The Milestone Hotel and Apartments takes its name from the old cast iron milestone that stands in its original position beside the hotel. The occupants of this site have had many associations, ranging from a mistress of James II, a man who believed himself to be Shakespeare’s grandson, and an aristocratic governess to the daughters of George II.

The beautiful Rosewood London hotel

Rosewood London opened in London on October 2013. The Edwardian Belle Époque palace has been renewed, with an original carriageway entrance to the intimate courtyard and the grand Pavonazzo marble staircase rising over seven storeys. Conveying the feel of a stylish London residence, the designer Tony Chi and Associates created 262 guestrooms and 44 suites.

London Bridges

Arranging an excursion to the city of London you’re in for a treat. Here’s a rundown of top bridges in London. London has an amazing bunch of bridges that you’ll need to cross. A large number of them have exceptionally interesting design and architecture.

Sporting Stadiums in London

Here’s a look at some of the venues for sport in London, including a look ahead to the 2012 Olympic venues and other popular spectator sports in and around the city of London. Londoners have a ravenous appetite for sports, football in particular. London boasts six teams playing in the Premiership and ten other teams in lower divisions of professional football.

Visiting the city of Brighton England

If you want to let your hair down and enjoy yourself there’s no better place to go than the seaside city of Brighton on the South coast of England. Brighton is situated between the South Downs and the Sea and has been a popular tourist destination for many years. It’s a great place for families and adults alike with a wealth of shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and seaside attractions.