The Beautiful city of Andalucia Seville

Located in the heart of Andalucia, the city of Seville is the political, business and cultural capital of southern Spain. In modern times, Seville has experienced rapid economic growth and hosted the World Expo Trade Fair in 1992. However, the real charm of Seville is the evidence of it’s long history that is all around you dating back to Roman and Moorish times.

Art and Architecture At Its Best in Spain

Spain may conjure up pictures of sun loungers, sandcastles and beer, but arguably the best thing about the country is its incredible collection of art. Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Diego Velazquez were all born here, and a luxury holiday in Spain, tailor-made to explore the best of Spanish art, is the ideal way to explore this country’s impressive galleries and remarkable architecture.

Sights in Madrid Spain

The capital of Spain since 1562, is located at the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula.  Because of its central location and high altitude, the climate of Madrid is characterized by warm dry summers and cool winters. Madrid is a city of great monuments. Among its highlights are the medieval center dating back to the Habsburg Empire and the Prado Museum.

Top 10 places to visit in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain is a unique city and at an altitude of 2100 feet it may be one of Europe’s highest capital cities. Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but it is also the world’s capital of bullfighting. Shop at some of Europe’s finest shops, view world class art galleries, party all night or watch a traditional Flamenco dance. You can’t go wrong when you travel to Madrid.

Top Tourist Destinations In The World

Do you dream of traveling around the world someday? Most of us do. It’s one of the best ways to live your life fully, as it would allow you to see the most beautiful sights, immerse yourself in the most interesting cultures, and meet people who will touch your life in a way you’ve never expected. If you’re going to travel around the world anytime soon, be sure to consider these top destinations that are included in most people’s bucket list.

Guide to Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Tourists visit the proud Mediterranean port city far more than they visit the capital of Spain, and Barcelona s rival city, Madrid. The 1.7 million inhabitants of Barcelona is proud of it s cultural heritage with the architecture of Gaudi and as the home of Catalunya. In addition the city offer first class shopping opportunities, wild nightlife and a pleasant climate all year round